SCHOA Foundation

To preserve Sun City property values by recognizing and funding projects that contribute to maintaining Sun City at its best.

The SCHOA Foundation serves the community through the funding and coordination of projects that do not fall under the ordinary responsibilities of any other community agencies or organizations.  Along with SCHOA, the Foundation is committed to maintaining our property and community values for generations to come. The Foundation, as an arm of Sun City Home Owners Association, is a 501(c)(3) designated Corporation under IRS guidelines, which allows anyone to make tax-deductible gifts to the Foundation. The SCHOA Foundation is also an Arizona Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) which means that individuals can donate up to $421 ($841 per household) of the amount they would normally pay to Arizona State Income Tax. Please use QCO code 22263 on AZ form 321.

One example of a need the Foundation has met, which had not been previously addressed by other agencies or organizations in Sun City, was the physical appearance of the “common” walls that run throughout the area. Assigning responsibility for the maintenance of these walls was accidentally overlooked in Sun City’s form-able days. The SCHOA Foundation (then known as “SCRAP”) solicited and raised the funds for a project which resulted in the repainting of over 17 miles of “common” walls.  The Foundation contracted with appropriate vendors, coordinated the efforts of a large group of volunteers and completed the project (ahead of schedule and below budget) to the benefit of all home owners.

Ongoing painting maintenance of these walls periodically have to be performed as they are being damaged due to various accidents and deterioration by weather and other factors. We realize the walls will need a new coat of paint approximately every 10 years.

Another focus of the SCHOA Foundation is RAMP (Resident Assistance and Maintenance Program). RAMP is a program to assist members of our community who are unable physically and/ or financially maintain their property up to community standards.  A homeowner must meet certain income and other requirements, to receive assistance under RAMP. Through the program, SCHOA will, at no cost to the homeowner, clean the exterior landscaping of a property (which could include the pruning of vegetation and removal of weeds) in order to bring a property into compliance with the Sun City Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). This is not an ongoing maintenance program, but a one-time clean up of the property for the benefit of the homeowner as well as the Community.

SCHOA utilizes select business partners in these maintenance efforts.  The funding for the Walls & RAMP comes through the Foundation which is entirely funded by tax deductible donations. We appreciate your generosity and support.

SCHOA Foundation Charitable Bequest Intention Form