Opportunities to Become Involved

If you are interested in participating at  the Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA), there are many ways to to do so.

You can participate in Board Meetings and have your voice heard. 

The community is invited to attend monthly SCHOA Board of Directors meetings, to learn where you can be of service and share your talents. Meetings are held at the SCHOA office, the fourth Tuesday of every month, at 9:00 a.m. Committee Chairs report on the status of their respective committees and open discussions are welcomed pertaining to proposals and recommendations. The community is encouraged and invited to attend.

You can participate as a potential Board member.
Ideally, there should be twice as many candidates in any election as there are openings. That ratio gives the voting membership a choice among residents whose qualifications meet the current needs of the Board. SCHOA Board members are active participants in efforts to build on and maintain the strengths of the community while participating in the ongoing development and growth of the Sun City Home Owners Association.

You can become a Sun City advocate.
All residents are invited to visit the SCHOA office to share suggestions and concerns. As a Sun City advocate, you can help the home owners association protect Sun City and maintain property values for years to come. We need you to be our eyes and ears in the community.

Opportunities to Join A Committee

Any member of the Sun City Home Owners Association who would like to contribute to our community may join one of several committees serving Sun City and its residents. Each committee is chaired by a SCHOA Board Member.

The purpose of our committees is to help promote the health and prosperity of Sun City and its residents by addressing the various on-going needs of the community. The current standing committees are:

  • Articles and Bylaws
  • Elections
  • Government Affairs
  • Membership
  • Roads and Safety

SCHOA welcomes and invites your participation to actively invest in the Sun City Community!