Board Committees

The Sun City Home Owners Association has a number of committees that play a vital role in SCHOA’s ability to meet the needs of Sun City.

The standing committees are:


  • Articles and Bylaws – OPEN
  • Elections – Gail Warmath
  • Government Affairs – Jerry Walczak
  • Membership – Emilie Baggett
  • Roads and Safety  – Pam Schwartz-Hall


  • Luke Air Force Base – Jim Stark
  • RCSC (Recreation Centers of Sun City) – Jerry Walzcak
  • SCHOA Foundation – Jerry Walzcak
  • Sun City West / PORA – Jerry Walzcak

This is an opportunity to lend a hand in Sun City for the well being of everyone.  SCHOA would like to invite you to join one of the committees as Sun City has always been known as the “City of Volunteers.” Thank you for considering joining and giving of your time and talents for the betterment of Sun City and if you would like more information, please contact

The Articles and Bylaws Committee identifies changes needed to the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws and develops amendment proposals.

The Elections Committee solicits candidates for directors and plans and oversees the SCHOA election process.

The Government Affairs Committee advocates for the interests of SCHOA and the residents of Sun City at all levels of government.

The Membership Committee oversees and sets goals for both recruiting and maintaining membership.

The Roads and Safety  Committee provides an opportunity for residents to bring issues of concern to the attention of local, county and state transportation officials. The Roads and Safety Committee meets at the SCHOA office the third Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. This committee does not meet in June, July and August.