Compliance Staff

Compliance Staff Members

If you would like a clarification of the Sun City CC&Rs, need to report a suspected violation or have a comment and/or question related to the CC&Rs and/or their compliance, please call the respective officer at their direct number.  Please note each compliance officer is assigned to a particular Sun City area. You may also email the compliance officer listed below and they will be happy to assist you.

Compliance Staff:

Kristine Schmitz, Compliance Manager
623.242.9926 |

Larry Batson, Compliance Officer, Phase 1 (Grand to Olive)
623.243.7069 |

Michael Smith, Compliance Officer, Phase 2 (Grand Ave to Bell Rd)
623.243.5542 |

Mike Fisher, Compliance Officer, Phase 3 (Bell Rd to Beardsley Ave)
623.243.7042 |

Patti Lech, Compliance Administrative Assistant
623.243.7552 |