The History of SCHOA

The Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA) has played an integral role in preserving the values of the Sun City community almost from the very beginning. SCHOA has served as an advocate for Sun City residents since 1963 and is truly a unique organization. The most important function of SCHOA is to enforce the community standards known as the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs).

From its earliest days, SCHOA was set up as a voluntary organization – at least from the standpoint of being a member. Compliance is mandatory regarding adhering to the CC&Rs – deed restrictions, a point that should be made clear when you purchase a home.

The Early Years

The Sun City Civic Association (now SCHOA) originally managed and administered the recreational facilities, however, now SCHOA and Recreation Centers of Sun City (RCSC) are not the same organization. The RCSC is responsible for all of our recreational facilities, clubs and golf courses. SCHOA is responsible for the enforcement of our CC&Rs and is an advocate for the homeowners in matters of government affairs, roads and safety, and utility rates. As two separate organizations, the mandatory fees that every homeowner pays go to the RCSC to maintain all of the recreational facilities. None of these mandatory fees go to SCHOA, therefore SCHOA operates on a very tight budget. Every homeowner is encouraged to become a member and the cost of membership is $25 dollars per year per household – truly a bargain for all that SCHOA does for the community.

SCHOA over the years has faced changing needs and challenges. Historically, some of the things that SCHOA has done* along with things we currently still do:

  1. Protects the Sun City age overlay.
  2. Helped create the Sun City Fire Department, Sunshine Service, the Sun City Posse, and the Sun City Foundation.*
  3. Played a leading role in getting both light poles and fire hydrants in the community.*
  4. Played a leading role in removing giant feedlots from our perimeter.*
  5. Played a leading role in forcing the closure of sewage ponds and the connection of Sun City sewer lines to a proper wastewater facility.*
  6. Played a leading role in the 2020 EPCOR water rate case, working to protect Sun City residents from rate increases.
  7. Successfully pursued court action against a major violator of deed restrictions (CC&Rs) which established SCHOA as the enforcement agent for Sun City.
  8. Played a leading role in removing Sun City from certain school districts, saving home owners millions of dollars since 1974.*
  9. Worked with an insurance company, offered health insurance to residents.*
  10. Sponsored a telephone directory and now creates an annual community resource guide in place of the phone directory.

Today, as has been the case for several decades, the primary mission of SCHOA is the protection of our property values and way of life through the fair and consistent enforcement of our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs.) Compliance with these simple but crucial rules, the Deed Restrictions, to which you agree when you purchase in Sun City, keeps our community clean, safe, and desirable. Every home owner is encouraged to become a member and the cost of membership is $25 dollars per year per household — truly a bargain for all that SCHOA does for the community.