Sun City Plot Plans

Plot plans are generally required by Maricopa County when applying for a Building Permit and/or for a Flood Control Permit for block fences. For your convenience, SCHOA has plot plans on file for most single-family homes.

Note: SCHOA does not have plot plans for Sun City Condominiums/Gemini homes. Please contact the Sun City Condo Association.

SCHOA Members receive one free Plot Plan per year as part of their SCHOA membership.

Residents requesting Plot Plans who are not currently SCHOA members will be charged a fee of $25.00. Vendors requesting Plot Plans on behalf of their customers should include this fee (if applicable) into their cost of doing business. To protect the resident SCHOA will confirm with the homeowner that they have asked their vendor to request a Plot Plan of their home.

If SCHOA does not have your Plot Plan on file, please call Maricopa County officials at 602-506-3301 between 8am – 5pm to ask for a copy.  Office is located 501 North 44th Street, 2nd floor, Phoenix, AZ.

Plot plans are also available via email by visiting –