Pam Schwartz

Ms. Schwartz has lived in Sun City for 11 years, having moved with her husband to AZ from Dundee, Illinois. Pam received a nursing diploma and was licensed. She later earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s in Business Administration from Aurora University in Illinois. She worked as a charge nurse and in private duty and after getting her business degrees, worked as a sales and logistics coordinator for a major home electronics firm. Pam has served on the SCHOA board previously (2014 – 2018 and 2020 to present) and is a past president of the board. She has served in many volunteer positions including being asked by legislators to assist in dealing with West Valley transit issues. She is also a member of the Sun Cities Museum and the SCHOA Foundation, and has served on two other HOA boards for a total of 21 years.  Her current position with SCHOA is on the Roads and Safety Committee which she chairs. Pam loves Sun City and SCHOA, having learned to appreciate them through her late father, a snowbird and resident before her.  She feels she is honoring him by living in, and working, with the Sun City Community. She feels strongly about upholding the values that make SCHOA such an effective advocate for Sun City.